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Singapore’s rental model is popular with mining circles around the world

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Singapore’s rental model is popular with mining circles around the world

June 22
20:39 2021

Since the end of 2020, the impact of the virtual currency boom, the global mining boom. With the BTC boom on the rise, the encrypted asset service platform represented by Aisin’s, is an option for a growing number of Bitcoin investors. This year, Aisin’s new cloud-leased mining service attracted a large number of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Singapore's rental model is popular with mining circles around the world

There are multiple advantages, so Aisin is very popular with the mining community

Cloud hash power mining, usually refers to the large mine to provide a computing power leasing services, miners can use the mining platform to buy a hash power contract to earn the corresponding hash power dug up cryptocurrencies.

Cloud hash power mining platform is the cloud hash power platform that owns the mining machine and will be the mining machine’s hash power split sales. So among the many cloud hash platforms, why is Aisin well supported and trusted by the vast number of investors in the mining industry? Let’s take a closer look.

Aisin’s reduces the purchase limit for users to mine and digs as they buy. In the past miners often had to buy their own machines, buy graphics cards, and find a place to mine to get Bitcoin’s benefits, which were cumbersome and costly. Users only need to buy a hash power at Aisin to start mining at any time. Buy at any time to dig, the risk is shared and borne by the Aisin platform. 365 days without the downtime of the revenue mechanism, so that miners can have more time and energy to do other things.

Aisin’s cloud hash product not only supports Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also provides more flexibility in terms of product life. Whether it is a short-term 30 days, 90 days or a longer time of 360 days for users to choose. At the same time, the platform promises that the computer product users back to the platform regardless of domestic help. This has kept a large number of loyal fans for AIC

At the same time, Aisin supports the joint mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum currencies and joint mining users will also own the mine.

Aisin provides quality service. The depth of industry terminology and the rapidly changing market are daunting for many novices who want to try mining. Aisin to provide users with quality services, team 7 x 24 hours management and maintenance, professional customer service one-on-one, with users easy to get started. Easy operation is another big reason why the Aisin platform is popular with the mining circle, one-click mining and worry-free.

The most reassuring thing for users is the security and reliability of Aisin Years of trust asset management experience and good risk control model, as well as asset management blockchain technology to provide security for users’ assets.

It is with a wide range of products and quality services, Aisin by the encryption market community alike.

Aisin helps cloud hash power mining models or promotes a digital financial asset revolution

In today’s mining platform chaos, it is very important to choose a reliable platform.

Aisin is a blockchain financial services platform that integrates asset management, decentralized digital asset lending, and digital asset financial services, created by a team of senior Internet finance, insurance, trading, and blockchain teams. Founded in 2017, its core team is from the world’s top financial institutions and head Internet technology companies, and continues to grow in the financial industry, working with industry leaders such as Coindesk, CoinTelegraph, AlphaBlock, newsBTC and others.

After many years of development, mining has changed from a spontaneous, individual nature, small-scale investment into an industrial chain integrity, larger-scale industry. As the industry grows, the Aisin hash power platform is also looking for change.

The Aisin team hopes to revolutionize digital assets through advanced fintech technologies and tools such as blockchain, cloud management and computing, and big data management. Aisin believes that decentralization will revolutionize the way humans cooperate and organize, and that the platform will always support the development and landing of blockchain technology, so that more people understand and understand blockchain technology and crypto assets, improve people’s awareness of cryptocurrencies, and thus promote social equity.

Don’t miss out on such a great platform. Recently, the Aisin platform is holding an event to register for a gift package worth $3,500, which will be free to get the dug-out bitcoins. For all the new and old miners, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the benefits of the

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