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Congratulations to TITAN for holding a global launch conference in Singapore

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Congratulations to TITAN for holding a global launch conference in Singapore

August 30
03:22 2019

On August 24, 2019, the TITAN Plan Global Launch Conference sponsored by the TITAN Foundation was held at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore.

More than 300 blockchain experts, investment elites and outstanding community leaders from China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia and other countries attended the summit.

At the summit, TITAN Foundation Mohamsd Ashraf, BAR’s official spokesperson Samuel Chou, EZB Exchange’s official spokesperson Steen, Chain-Bar official spokesman Wan Wei, and Interchain Entertainment’s official spokesman Herbert R. Sim, The official spokesman of the TITAN project, Alson and other guests, delivered their important speeches on the TITAN Consensus Ecosystem. Through the empowerment of different application scenarios in the ecosystem, they look forward to the future era of the blockchain consensus ecosystem digital economy.

Congratulations on the successful launch of the TITAN Plan Global Consensus Initiative and its successful launch. In the future, TITAN will work with major ecosystems to advance the progress and development of blockchain industrial technology, build a blockchain project party, community and institutional cooperation and win-win industrial ecology, and create a decent industrial ecology. A blockchain-based consistency ecosystem.

1. TITAN plans to take advantage of the performance of graphene substructures based on the DPOS consensus mechanism.

2. It also has support features on chains such as GOCAN, which helps to develop a variety of applications.

3. As the super node of the BAR public chain, TITAN will fully import all the top flow engine resources of the BAR ecosystem, share the top data, and share the BAR eco-economic dividend.

4. Completely decentralized consensus management system, there is no risk of trust.

For project participants joining the TITAN program, 1. The original Token has been reactivated to activate community members; 2. The opportunity to break through the bottleneck, ease the pressure on project owners and users, and create a new career. 3. The original Token has been recycled in large quantities by the TITANs program. Its cycle is reduced and its value is increased. Coupled with reasonable currency management, the original Token holders will really benefit and will love the TITAN program.

For the TITAN project, 1. harvest a batch of high-quality consensus and community systems; 2. truly capable of joining the TITAN project; 3. TITAN plans to recycle the original Token, which will quickly establish a brand consensus for the TITAN program and allow more projects with requirements are added. 4. The ongoing actions will quickly and globally expand the TITAN’s plans. 5. TITAN plans to hold a large number of Tokens for major projects. The value added of any Token means that TITAN plans to make a profit. 6. The expansion of the TITAN Consensus will greatly increase the value of the TITANs, and all TITAN Consensus holders will benefit a lot.

For the BAR ecosystem, it is TITAN’s plan to create a key closed loop that allows many current and future BAR-incorporated DAPP to fully join the TITAN program when encountering bottlenecks and have a landing point that perfectly solves DAPP. Looping and allowing the BAR ecosystem to experiment, iterate and strengthen consensus more openly.

TITAN’s plan to “integrate effective resources into the industry” will be a win-win situation for all parties involved in the project, the TITAN program, the BAR ecosystem and consensus. The core values ​​of the TITAN project will also be truly reflected!

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