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BNTDE main net officially released, opens a new chapter in blockchain industry

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BNTDE main net officially released, opens a new chapter in blockchain industry

January 17
22:10 2020

In 2019, the data attracted the attention of the entire people. From national governments to citizens and businesses, a large amount of reliable data is needed to optimize their business, from small personal information to corporate,data has become the core competitiveness of many companies.

On January 18, we witness a significant moment that the brand-new digital ecosystem BNTDE main net has been released,which means that BNTDE will operate independently from other networks to build its own ecosystem, and thus promote the implementation of blockchain applications, realize the valuable blockchain industry layout, and create its new chapter during the development of blockchain.

Integrated Innovation and supplemented by technology

BNTDE combines PoS and PoW consensus mechanisms to independently innovate the PoSC consensus mechanism, which not only solves the problems of excessive waste of resources, slow transaction speed and oligopoly of ASIC, but also solves the problem of over centralization for PoS. After continuous testing in the early stages, the BNTDE main net runs robustly, safely, and efficiently. With the launch of the main net, the efficiency of BNTDE will be greatly improved. It is expected that the TPS processing speed will be increased on the basis of 100,000, which is far faster than the current mainstream public chain. Not only that, BNTDE also supports three core technologies:

1. Cross-chain technology enables asset communication and data confirmation.

2. The side chain technology is easily extended, and other blocks are quickly linked into the BNTDE main chain.

3. Zero-knowledge proof builds trust and data privacy protection on the chain.

Link multi-dimensional scenes and create economic value

The application of BNTDE starts from several major scenes of chain merchant, SPT, and chain game. The SPT model is the first unique incubation model of Pubnet Technology, which is committed to helping BNTDE improve community construction and project implementation; the chain merchant platform aims to solve the problem of slow sales of products in 200 poor counties and the revenue of 5 kilometers away from physical companies; the chain game will bring effective user growth, users entertain while earning revenue from the game, rather than gaining useless digital points in traditional games. With the launch of the BNTDE main net, these major scenarios have not only matured from initial improvement, but also formed a new blockchain ecological layout with multiple scenarios connected to BNTDE, eventually creating a complete ecological closed-loop economy.

At present, BNTDE has signed up to provide data services to 20 cooperative partners, reaching strategic cooperation with Shuimu Weiming Capital, which is an important pillar for BNTDE to build an ecological closed-loop economy; creating a new ecosystem of BNTDE data assets and a “vertical” + “comprehensive” business services . BNTDE’s releasing on main net is aim to bring community construction, application landing, “vertical” + “comprehensive” business service and new ecosystem of data assets to a new height, bringing real economic value to enterprises and users.

New journey 2020, looking forward to a glorious future

In the past year, BNTDE has continued to innovate and make breakthroughs. As a pioneer of the blockchain, it leads the future of the blockchain. After launching on the main net, BNTDE officially started a new journey in the blockchain universe.

1. Improve community building

2. Create game ecology

3. Anonymize social

4. Development of multi-chain wallet

We have made the product presentation of Trade Ecology, officially released the Trade Ecology APP, integrating all current BNTDE business segments, and users can download and experience.

With the completion of the main net, BNTDE will complete the ecological layout of the entire blockchain and realize the value of the ecological blockchain in the area!

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