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The Nurse Coach Collective Shares Thought-Provoking Insights on the Future of Nurse Coaching

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The Nurse Coach Collective Shares Thought-Provoking Insights on the Future of Nurse Coaching

April 18
20:48 2023
As a nurse coaching agency, The Nurse Coach Collective provides practical suggestions & opinions about nurse coaching.

The healthcare industry continues to evolve and the role of nurses has become increasingly important since COVID-19. One concept that has helped prepare nurses for the growing significance their roles have garnered over the years is holistic nurse coaching. The idea of nurse coaching seeks to promote and facilitate a patient’s growth, healing, and well-being by using coaching principles and healing modalities. While nursing coaching has been growing exponentially, some suggest that the concept is a passing fad. 

To this end, The Nurse Coach Collective’s latest publication sought to establish the state of nurse coaching and the future, categorically debunking every opinion that the concept is only a fad. In the publication by The Nurse Coach Collective, the agency highlighted the importance of nurse coaching amid the ongoing healthcare evolution. According to statistics, two-thirds of Americans are on one or more prescription medications, with the same ratio experiencing one or more chronic illnesses. These outrageous statistics prove the level of sickness in the country is overwhelming, requiring holistic nurses and medical practitioners. 

The best way to combat the level of sickness is to have more holistic nurses and nurse coaching is an excellent means to transform nurses today. So as long as sickness exists and continues to affect many Americans, nurse coaches and coaching remains a vital revolution for the healthcare industry. 

Aside from its benefit to patients, nurse coaching is helping to raise nurses that lead exceptional careers. Nurses are average sicker than the general population, which says a lot about the current healthcare system. 90% of nurses are either experiencing burnout or have experienced it over the last year. Nurses are overworked, stressed out, and underappreciated. With nurse coaching, nurses around the country are taking hold of their careers and deciding the path and progress they make. 

The result? Patients who work with a Nurse Health Coach are now becoming healthier and fitter while nurses’ capability has grown significantly. With the state of healthcare in the country dilapidating, nurse coaching remains a quintessential solution today. The good thing about nurse coaching is that it offers hope, a necessity for today’s healthcare system. Nurse coaching offers optimism and a paradigm shift, negating the idea of it being a fad. 

Watch the YouTube video that details everything The Nurse Coach Collective believes is the future of nurse coaching. You can find it on The Nurse Coach Collective website.

About The Nurse Coach Collective 

The Nurse Coach Collective was founded by Peter J Giza, RN, BSN, NC-BC, and Heather Lapides, RN, BSN, NC-BC, to challenge the healthcare status quo by providing the most accessible and extraordinary path to becoming a world-class Board-Certified Nurse Health Coach through its holistic nurse certification program. The organization developed Transformative Nurse Coaching and has built a thriving private practice from the ground up, affecting the lives of registered nurses and patients across the United States.

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