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PLXYER, has announced the launch of their all-in-one Web3.0 game portal platform

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PLXYER, has announced the launch of their all-in-one Web3.0 game portal platform

March 02
02:56 2023

PLXYER, pronounced “player”, has announced the launch of their all-in-one Web3.0 game portal platform. This Gaming platform is designed to provide players with a thrilling gaming experience while offering game developers the tools and resources they need to create, launch, and manage their own Web3 games.

PLXYER focuses on providing players with intricately balanced games that are both immersive and fun. The platform offers a variety of high-quality games and experiences that are combined with powerful technical infrastructure, providing players with the benefits of on-chain gaming.

One of the standout features of PLXYER’s game portal is its marketplace and wallet system that streamlines the transactions of NFTs among players. It also provides an easy-to-use minting tool, an automated game screen and test market, and an intuitive dashboard for game creators and developers to monitor and manage their game on the platform. Plus, players can create resources to make game creation even easier.

PLXYER takes a creator-centric approach to enabling the next-generation of on-chain games. By offering purpose-built tools for Web3 game creation, the platform is able to deliver an ecosystem that includes custom tools for game creation, in-game social networking, as well as sophisticated game-economics. It also provides the foundation for developers to build upon, allowing in-game assets to be offered across all games (at the discretion of each game creator).

The platform encourages gamers to engage with multiple games, through both familiarity and rewards systems, by enabling cross-game asset use. Players can earn or win valuable in-game assets in one game and then use them in another, providing a compelling reason to play more games. This virtuous cycle extends the lifespan of games on the platform and ensures that players do not lose the value of their assets.

By offering cross-game assets and connecting them to the $PLXY token, which players can help to support the ecosystem building by playing games, the platform creates a circular economy where players benefit from the platform while contributing to its growth. The more games, the more players, the more opportunities to support the ecosystem, and the more demand for $PLXY, solidifying the platform’s foothold in the market.

PLXYER plans to release all three in-house developed games before the end of 2024, with plans to integrate crypto-friendly usability and the entire $PLXY system at the launch of its first game, Arena Ascent, by the end of Q3 2023. The Web3 game portal is expected to be completed by the end of Q2 2024, with a massive marketing campaign planned to promote the platform and its second game, After Human. The platform will also strive to secure high-profile, third-party developed games to broaden its player demographics.

With a focus on game development and player satisfaction, PLXYER is set to become the leading distribution platform for Web3 games.

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