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Zeng Minmin was selected as one of the 2022 Forbes China 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees, enabling education with technology and empowering the next generation with education

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Zeng Minmin was selected as one of the 2022 Forbes China 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees, enabling education with technology and empowering the next generation with education

December 29
16:25 2022

On December 9, Forbes China and FOSMOS jointly released the “2022 Forbes China · 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees”, which is one of the most influential lists in the global business community. After months of open application and comprehensive consideration of hundreds of applicants by the organizing committee, Harvard University alumni Zeng Minmin, founder of TSAF, as an outstanding representative of the contemporary youth returnees group, was honored on the “2022 Forbes China · 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees” list, along with other famous entrepreneurs such as Wang Xing, co-founder of Meituan, Mao Wenchao, co-founder of Xiaohongshu.

On December 20, the award ceremony of “2022 Forbes China · 100 Outstanding Overseas Returnees” was successfully held in Shanghai. Qian Houlin, General Manager of Business Operations of Forbes China Group, and Sun Mingxu, CEO and Chief Researcher of FOSMOS, presented the trophy and the certificate to Zeng Minmin, founder of TSAF, and encouraged her and other guests present to further exert their innovation and influence as young overseas returnees to make due contributions to industry progress and social and economic development.

As Forbes said, in today’s era of “hard-core tech explosion”, the global business world is full of uncertainty due to recurring epidemics on the one hand; on the other hand, with the rise of China’s technological power and the enhancement of its international influence, “returnees” have become a trend of the times that cannot be ignored. They may be changing the direction of the tide. Through the classic presentation of 100 overseas returnees under the age of 45, Forbes hopes to try to draw the blueprint of this trend, sort out the century-old history of studying abroad with a global mindset, and write a chapter of a community of common destiny together with overseas returnees.

As one of the first senior consultants in the industry to plan and layout the pathways of overseas famous schools for global Chinese students, Zeng Minmin’s first-line experience over the past decade has endowed her team with a rich and effective exclusive methodology and resource base. As the earliest under-age study abroad service provider in the industry, TSAF has served thousands of high-end families while publicly releasing authoritative information database every year to meet the needs of high-level families seeking education overseas for their next generation, as well as leading the way in upgrading and updating service standards throughout the industry.

Since the establishment of TSAF in 2009, Zeng Minmin has led the team to serve the global high net worth families with high standards of professionalism. Whether it is the education of young families, the application planning of the world’s top 30 schools, the innovation of educational technology tools, or the incubation and deepening of public welfare projects, it has always combined the world’s first-class educational resources and cutting-edge advanced technology tools to provide unique educational products and services.

Therefore, in the fierce competition in the market environment, Zeng Minmin and her team at TSAF have made significant achievements in various fields over the years. In addition to maintaining a year-round success rate above the industry average – 50% of admissions to top 20 U.S. high schools and universities, they also have received excellent rankings in various summer schools with high value and top competitions with extremely high application difficulty and recognition of famous schools worldwide; In depth cooperation with the expert team, they have developed and constructed a full set of AI big data platform for international systems; Lush Youth Charity, a non-profit public welfare organization established by them, has incubated and organized more than 50 projects that have caused extensive and far-reaching repercussions in the community or society, greatly promoting the development of youth public welfare; They provide a full range of comprehensive planning and accompanying services for high net worth families for the education of their children aged 3-18, and widely connect with scarce authoritative resources to solve the core needs of family education in a highly professional and customized manner…

Zeng Minmin keeps practicing the concept of “technology helps education and sets the industry benchmark”. She hopes to let parents see more possibilities for their children, and she hopes to “accompany families to witness every step of children’s growth with the most advanced educational concepts and cutting-edge educational technology”. In Zeng Minmin’s opinion, every child is a potential stock. Through education planning, she and her team make parents’ financial, energy and time investment more efficient and fruitful, empowering children to be competent and create a better future.

Founder of TSAF, CEO Zeng Minmin

Looking back on Zeng Minmin’s past life, she left her parents’ hometown to study at Harvard University in the United States, completing the transformation of her identity from “daughter” to “herself”; leaving the well-known financial industry to pursue the original intention of education empowerment, completing the value transformation from the pursuit of “external achievements” to the pursuit of “internal happiness”; she left the United States and resolutely returned to China to start her own business more than ten years, completing the transformation from a “returnee” to a “woman of strength” to feed the society in the windy business field.

“I used to think that what I was doing was getting kids into a good school,” said Zeng Minmin, “but then I realized that my education philosophy and approach was actually empowering students. It is because they have acquired abilities that they can be recognized by the best schools, and they can change the world.”

In the future, Zeng Minmin will continue to work hard and make positive contributions to the progress of Chinese society and the world. She will also lead TSAF to continue to take root in the field of international education, empowering education through professional services and products and technology, empowering the next generation through education, to constantly fulfill the mission of “empowering the next generation to change the future”.

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