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The K.Nisa Hashim Method Helps Students Get A’s and A*

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The K.Nisa Hashim Method Helps Students Get A’s and A*

December 22
18:45 2021

K.Nisa Hashim has been teaching for more than ten years and has written two books, “Raising Your Little Giants!” and “For the Love of Math!”. She provides Singapore Mathematics and Science tuition for the Primary and Lower Secondary levels in Singapore. She has an educational background in Biomedical Electronics, Digital Media and Specialised Teaching and Learning in Mathematics which gives her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She has also consistently produced A’s and A* students for PSLE and Pure Science streams for her secondary school students in International Baccalaureate (IB) and Express streams.

The secret to her students’ success was to follow her K.Nisa Hashim Method when facing the problem sums in Mathematics or when breaking down the essence of the Science questions in exams. The method could be applied throughout the topics in Mathematics and Science.

For Mathematics, the K.Nisa Hashim method explains the relationship between the sentence structure and the bar model drawn. This helps her students link the terms used thus enabling them to extract text information into a visual diagram which lets them answer the problems with confidence. An example taken from a Primary 4 or Grade 5 Singapore Math is shown below.

Adam has 15 more sweets than Xander. Joleen has 2/3 as many sweets as Xander. How many sweets does Joleen have if they shared a total of 375 sweets?

For Science, the K.Nisa Hashim method teaches the students to mine for answers within the question and ensure they have the required keywords and concepts to answer the open-ended questions in the examinations. The method encourages the students to decide which topic is the question testing on, type of terms they should use, a comparative term (e.g.: more than/less than) or a superlative term (e.g.: most, least), the data given and the explanation that uses the data given and even to link back to the question.

The K.Nisa Hashim method builds on what the Ministry Of Education (MOE) schools are already using in Singapore. This further solidifies the student’s depth of understanding. CER. C– Choose. This is where the student chooses one of the options given. E– Evidence requires the student to locate the data/ information to back their answer. R– Reason requires the student to explain why that data allows them to make the conclusion.

An example taken from a Primary 5 or Grade 6 Singapore Science is shown below.

When answering a science question, there are mainly three types of students. The first type of students are those who will not annotate at all. Their question area is clean. The second type highlights EVERYTHING which defeats the purpose of finding keywords. The third type knows where to mine for clues which will help them answer the questions.

This example tests the student on Heat. The ones boxed in the question are keywords which the student needs to link back when answering an explanation question. Many students will not write the third step thinking that their answer is sufficient. If you see your child’s paper with “so?” written by the teacher, you know why now.

K.Nisa Hashim firmly believes that students need to learn and not just study something. When you learn a concept, you are able to utilise the idea and apply the concept in a similar system. In some cases, students who did well in PSLE may not do well in Secondary school. This stems from memorising the solution and not understanding the reasons behind said solution. The student will not be able to deploy the concept and apply it in a higher order thinking required in Secondary schools.

In her book, “Raising Your Little Giants!” she talks about creating confident kids, instilling confidence in your child, the causes of loss of self worth and what you can do about it. In her next book, “For the Love of Math!” she talks about fun activities that strengthen Math abilities, resources for Math, how to stimulate math thinking with various questions, encouraging your child to think independently and how to tell when your child needs a tutor.

She also offers free consultations to show parents and their children how to break down problem sums in math and mining for clues to help answer the science open ended questions.

If you want to get her books and consultation for free, you can email her at [email protected] or whatsapp +65 8891 1987.

Click this link to get her books and the consultation for free:

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