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The First Ever in the History of Mankind – A Collective Call to Initiate Contact with Positive Extraterrestrials

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The First Ever in the History of Mankind – A Collective Call to Initiate Contact with Positive Extraterrestrials

December 15
03:21 2021

Our civilization is currently in the throes of all types of upheaval, conflicts, poverty and collective fear – all in one form or another artificially engineered. If mankind was given the rare opportunity to break through this madness once and for all, would you be among the those willing to help support the cause?

Our society is currently on the road to expanding beyond the confines of planet Earth, and as such, we now have increased opportunities of communicating with benevolent, highly evolved extraterrestrial races, who are able to help us find new perspectives, so that we may better surmount the daunting societal obstacles that we are currently up against. Would you be willing to partake in this project, to help create a better life on the planet?

Right now, there is an ongoing, non-profit global petition event that asks the question: “Would you be willing to communicate and interact with positive, benevolent E.T. races, and collaborate with these races to the benefit of everyone involved?”

This is the first time such a petition movement has ever taken place in the history of mankind. Thousands upon thousands of people from all nations across this world are joining this petition to publicly express their intent to communicate with these friendly E.T. races. At this point in time, the petition has amassed well over 144,000 signatures (which was the original target set by its creators). The original petition was launched on and almost immediately underwent a series of attacks and interferences from certain parties opposed to its success. It was nonetheless able to garner 81,676 signatures before being permanently taken down without any explanation given. A backup petition site was set up in its place on, and that site currently has over 70,000 signatures (from new members who did not sign the original petition). This number continues to climb rapidly with each passing day.

That such great numbers of people have taken the initiative to sign this petition (which was relaunched only a month ago in November of this year) is a clear sign that many are awakening and are aware that human society is headed towards a crucial turning point and new paradigms.

For more information, please visit the following link:

The image below is a record of all incoming signatures on our backup petition site from November 28th to December 8th.  In the signatures column, you have the daily tally of new signatures for a specific date, while the total column represents the sum of all signatures collected on and before that particular date. The numbers speak for themselves – there are thousands of people worldwide each day who openly support the notion of collaboration with positive E.T. races.  

In addition to the aforementioned petition, a huge worldwide mass meditation event to bless human civilization is planned on the very day of the winter solstice. The meditation is programmed to start on December 21st, just one minute after 23:59 Beijing time, and will last approximately 20 minutes. 

The day of the upcoming winter solstice is an astrologically important time, as the sun will nearly conjunct the center of the galaxy, creating an amplifying effect of cosmic energies. By conducting the mass meditation at this particular time, humanity’s conscious will to initiate contact with positive extraterrestrial races will be magnified and powerfully transmitted throughout the entire galaxy. 

Currently, there are nearly 8 billion people inhabiting the surface of this Earth. Those who have openly signed the petition represent only a tiny fraction of Earth’s population, which means more human will is needed in order to foster relations with these positive E.T.’s. As such, a clearer, stronger, more coherent signal from the public at large is needed for the galactic races to respond accordingly, which is where this mass meditation comes in. When a critical mass of 144,000 people on Earth’s surface participates in the meditation at the same moment in time, it will create an extremely potent, coherent signal of human will – one which the galactic races must then take seriously.  

Scientific research has repeatedly shown that mass meditations produce a positive impact on human society, which each participant adding to the powerful collective will which brings about tangible, positive change at a societal level. The energetic results of this mass meditation will also enhance the overall impact of the petition, which essentially is a legal document stating our intention and will to interact and collaborate with our positive E.T. friends. Once this document is finalized and its energy amplified and transmitted through the meditation, it takes on full legal force and the galactic races must respond accordingly.  

If you would like to help us write history, we invite you to join us for the upcoming meditation event. Details can be found on the following page:

A note regarding the mass meditation: in order to ensure that all participants emit a clear, coherent, unified mass signal, it is essential that everyone participating meditate at the same time and follow the meditation protocol exactly as described in the above link. Only by doing so can we maximize the effect and transmission of this collective signal. Doing the meditation before or after the scheduled time, or doing your own version of the meditation will not help us create and maximize the energetic signal and impact needed.  

We are writing a new page in the history of mankind. At this crucial moment in time, it is essential that human beings join forces and unite, hand in hand, so that we may actualize our collective goals of a better life on Earth!

Translated by: David Zen

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