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FEX Partners With Simplex: World’s Leading Fiat/Crypto Infrastructure Now Offers Integrated FEX Wallet for Growing community of Favor Exchange Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency

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FEX Partners With Simplex: World’s Leading Fiat/Crypto Infrastructure Now Offers Integrated FEX Wallet for Growing community of Favor Exchange Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency

August 30
10:04 2021

Atlanta – August 27, 2021 – FEX ( announced it had partnered with Simplex to begin offering streamlined and integrated FEX wallets for Digital asset and crypto investors. Simplex is an EU-licensed financial institution that provides fiat infrastructure for the crypto industry, by securely processing credit card payments and making cryptocurrency accessible to all. Simplex, a licensed financial institution, empower FEX to accept the widest range of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, SWIFT, SEPA, and more! Created in 2018, FEX is the one of the fastest growing DeFi Crypto Currencies made on the Ethereum Smart Chain (ETH), with growing holders and counting. The partnership with Simplex will enable FEX crypto investors to invest in FEX much more direct.


“We are innovating to provide decentralized finance solutions for everyone. Partnering with Simplex allows our team to integrate in multiple ways, while providing secure transparent currency to digital asset solutions,” said Reggie Wayne, FEX CEO. “This additional feature in our FEX wallet and Exchange is a vital tool for our investors, and that’s why we’re happy to be partnering with Simplex – another company that understands the importance of operating on the principal of opening financial markets and strategies to everyone. One of our founding principles is transparency, so we’re extremely public with a great deal of our activity. It’s one of the reasons why we routinely hold ‘Ask Me Anything’ (AMAs) on Signal. We want our investors to see and interact with us, to learn more about what we’re doing, and to become as deeply involved with their investment as they choose to be. That’s just an entirely different approach to crypto and investing in general. And it’s an approach we know works. Our growing legion of investors is highly dedicated to our mission because they know we’re just as dedicated to providing service and value to them.”

FEX: Crypto Done Differently

Specifically encoded to benefit long term holders (called “Fexers”), FEX is a new but extremely popular crypto currency that incentivizes long-term investment by offering a core liquidity guarantee. In a bold attempt to discourage price volatility, often incited by massive day traders (crypto “whales”), the FEX protocol charges sellers a fee of 10% of the amount sold while rewarding Fexers with 5% of the seller’s fee in FEX tokens, and storing the other 5% in a public liquidity pool. In addition, FEX opts for manual burns versus continuous burns, allowing FEX more control over the coin’s overall supply.

Currently working on multiple evolutions and company branches for the future, Has launched its FEX Oracle, Orbiter, Exchange and Wallet. FEX is also planning the launch of a NFT exchange that would extend the FEX concept to other cryptocurrencies, a FEX software and app, and a deal with a major African country that would integrate FEX as part of their public currency.

About FEX

The FEX Protocol is a community driven, fair launched DeFi crypto technology that allows token holders access to software call Fex Orbitor. Fex Orbitor’stoken has three simple functions that report arbitraged discoveries during each trade: Bringing a truly innovative approach to tokenomics, holders get rewarded by simply holding FEX coins with Fex Orbitor running on an auto-generated liquidity and static farming. The longer a wallet is held, the more tokens are awarded by redistributing 5% of the 10% fee levied on all FEX sales. Increase revenues by hosting your own orbiter! Learn more about FEX and the growing #


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