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Best Dental Implantologist in Pune for Dental Implants

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Best Dental Implantologist in Pune for Dental Implants

May 14
01:04 2021

Many people struggle with dental issues, especially missing teeth. This population has been rising over time in India due to the increasing consumption of dental-damaging substances. Since it is usual for humans to see the imperfections first, people with missing teeth often feel ashamed of smiling in public due to fear of judgement. This factor results in a loss of self-confidence. If you or your loved one has missing teeth, read this article to the end. Here, we will introduce India’s best dental implantologist clinic in Pune.

The Nanda Dental Care Premiere (NDCP)

This dental implant clinic is known for its excellent dental services to patients. The clinic’s motto is ‘experience the difference’. As the motto says, the NDCP clinic is committed to delivering, restoring, and renewing the patient’s dental health and functions. Our dental implant dentists have extensive knowledge and experience ready to provide high-quality dental services to the patient.

What Makes NDCP the Best Dental Implantologist in Pune?

1. Extensive Experience in Dental Implants

Our dentists are vigorously trained and experienced in providing dental care services. They use the gained experience to help you rediscover your confidence to speak, eat, enjoy life and laugh like before. Therefore, if you are afraid of fake or uncertified dentists attending you, visit Nanda Dental Care for guaranteed and professionally certified services.

2. Immediate Loading

Traditionally, dental implants were delayed, and this was the only available option. Therefore, the patient had to wait after implant placement before loading a denture, bridge or crown. This process would take months. However, at Nanda Dental Care, we offer immediate loading. This option is whereby we place dental implants immediately after extracting the teeth.

This type of loading ensures that your tooth replacement is done in one day. Therefore, if you are seeking next-generation dental implants, we welcome you to Nanda dental Care in Pune. It is our pleasure to restore your smile and confidence in one day.

3. Modern Implantology Technologies

The last thing you want to experience is getting outdated or substandard dental care services. At Nanda Dental Care in Pune, we introduce new technologies in dental care. These technologies enhance the effectiveness of our dental care.

One of the modern approaches that we utilize is the All-on-Four method. We are the first dental care facility to introduce this technique in Pune. Our dental implantologists use the LEONE implant approach that utilizes the Morse taper technological solution to bind together the abutment and implant. This technology ensures that no screws loosen between the two components.

The Nanda Dental Care in Pune does cold welding on the patient’s dental implant and the abutment. This approach ensures that there are zero gaps between the components, preventing bacterial infection after implant. The NDCP clinic is the first in Pune and India at large to introduce the concept of basal osseointegrated dental implants and intraoral welding. These concepts enable patients that would have otherwise failed to get dental implants to get them.

The Bottom Line

The Nanda Dental Care in Pune is where you’ll get high-quality dental implantology services. Here, you will receive implant services from highly qualified dentists. These dentists will enhance your experience and reduce your recovery period significantly. If you have any dental issue, book an appointment with us by clicking here. Also, you can visit our dental care facility in Pune.

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