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Words Matter: Change Your Words, Change Your Life By Bud Ayers

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Words Matter: Change Your Words, Change Your Life By Bud Ayers

April 21
18:09 2021

Purpose. Drive. Goals. Everyone has them. The difference between those who achieve their goals and live their purpose, and those who don’t is their drive to understand what is holding them back.

As a result of this, the following questions arise:

“Are you the person who is open to looking critically at your life and change your actions? Are you willing to take responsibility for yourself? Are you ready to explore your why and get completely aligned with your life’s purpose even if it means letting go of the life you have become accustomed to? Are you ready to be the leader in your life?”

If yes to all of the above, Words Matter is the right tool. Bud Ayers combines his years of experience as a ballroom dance teacher at the university level as well as his journey to live more fully in his purpose in this extraordinary book on success.

Author Ayers once lived a life where he hated going to work every single day. He was divorced and unhappy. Life felt heavy. He knew there had to be more. His wake-up call came when he realized it was his actions that were keeping him stuck getting through each day rather than truly living life. It took courage to change. It took strength to stick it out through the tough days. But he lived to tell the tale and to share all that he has learned.

One of the most important lessons Bud learned was just how important words are. The words people speak to themselves are just as important as the words they speak to others. He perfected the art of communicating and has since helped thousands of his students learn how to effectively communicate what they want and then take authentic actions to achieve their desires. Everyone owns their lives and must be courageous and make impactful changes in their daily life. Bud knows firsthand how to embrace life and has put together all of his knowledge to help readers succeed.

Yes, it can seem overwhelming at first, but take it moment by moment. Start with words. Ayers begins by asking readers to understand the difference between needing and wanting something. This simple first step will help everyone to easily embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery. His quirky, fun play on words will have readers thinking about the way they speak in a way no author has done before.

Words Matter doesn’t stop there! This incredible resource gives readers the tools needed to truly transform their lives. They begin by learning how to identify what it is they genuinely want in their life, how to communicate effectively with themselves and with others, how to listen, how to learn, and how to be the leader in their own life.

Everyone can succeed on their own, and Bud’s life lessons or Words of Wisdom (WOWs) are the tools to help them get there.

In Bud’s own words:

“For anything to happen, you have to start. Just like with my book. I took one year before I started writing, which netted me zero results. You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Once you start, you have to train yourself to develop new habits and skills—as in dance or any other activity: train, train, train. Only the real successful people enjoy training because successful people understand that their ability to do something well is a major stepping stone or launchpad to their success.”

Ready to start? Begin the journey to living the best life today, with the help of Bud Ayers. Visit the website at and reach out. A copy can be purchased on Amazon at

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