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Billboard Charting Artist/Producers Neighborhood Watch Worldwide Is Set For 2021 Release

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Billboard Charting Artist/Producers Neighborhood Watch Worldwide Is Set For 2021 Release

December 24
05:57 2020

The tale of two cities (Ocala, Florida and Nash, Tennessee) has given birth to 2 of the hip hop industry’s best in recent years. Homiletix & MultiMilCUZIMULTITASK, two artist with two totally different styles, would join forces in 2018 to form The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide. In the time in which mainstream artists are playing out of their soap opera, and misleading black culture, The Neighborhood Watch has stuck to the code of staying true to the game. The neighborhood watch has gained notoriety throughout the U.K. as Launch Pad Media Group out of London and surrounding areas. Their single “neighborhood watch” which features Lord Jamar of the legendary hip hop group Brand Nubians has brought them much success being picked up by DJ Choice for inclusion on the project ‘Cruises To Jamaica” which reached #1 on the Billboard’s Chart. 

The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide, Warfare Project is the blistering look into the mirror of America’s inner cities. With tracks like Warfare, Let Me Breathe, Rules To The Game, and Around My Way, the Neighborhood Watch Worldwide is guaranteed to take your mind and soul on a musical and lyrical journey like no other. The Warfare project features Adelle Lince from the U.K., Cyba who is from the U.K. as well. OG Auto out of Texas. A Dubz out of Connecticut, Ladi J out of Pittsburgh, and Lord Jamar of Brand Nubians. 

Well rooted in the Hip Hop Industry, this is not Homiletix, and MultiMilCUZIMULTITASK first time around. They have served as ghostwriters and producers to some of the best in the music industry domestic and internationally across multiple genres. They have reached Billboard numerous times on compilations with DJ Choice (Amada Records) and the DJ Grid. The first was Tropic House Cruise To Jamaica where the Neighborhood Watch Worldwide produced the track entitled Neighborhood Watch Worldwide (Remix) which featured Lord Jamar. The compilation included artist such as Ed Sheeran, Sean Paul, Stephen Marley, Damian Marley, Sean Kingston, and Wyclef. After that, the Neighborhood Watch Worldwide would hit Billboard again on a compilation entitled World Wide Hip Hop Unleashed vol.2 through DJ Choice (Amada Records) and the DJ Grid. The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide was also featured on the 50/50 project produced by DJ Choice (Amada Records) and the DJ Grid on a track they produced by the Neighborhood Watch Worldwide entitled The Journey which featured themselves and Ladi J. The 50/50 also includes notable artist such as Chris Brown, Kali Ranks, Quavo, Lauryn Hill, Twista, and C Murder. The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide has also produced tracks on Homiletix solo project entitled Foreign Affairs which reached #5 on iTunes only 3 days after its release in July 2020. The project included international artist P. Grizzy and K Dot T of Mass Destruction Entertainment out of East London, and Cyba out of the Hackney Borough of London and is one of London’s top rising female mc’s. The Project included a few stateside artist as well like Roniel, A Tribe Life Studio artist and JT Money one of the south’s Hip Hop pioneers. The industry and Hip Hop world should brace themselves for the arrival and collaboration of these two, Homiletix & MULTiMiLCUZiMULTiTASK-The Neighborhood Watch Worldwide.

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