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Australia’s First Skin Care Brand Launches a New Product – EAORON Air Cream,Usher in a New Era of Night Cream

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Australia’s First Skin Care Brand Launches a New Product – EAORON Air Cream,Usher in a New Era of Night Cream

October 27
17:10 2020

No matter how beautiful a girl is, she is doomed to stay up late for a long time and cause all kinds of skin problems. When you continue to work overtime for performance, all kinds of skin problems caused by staying up late will come to people. There are a lot of creams on the market for staying up late. Many consumers must wonder what magic ingredients these late-night cream products use to make the face repair the damage caused by staying up late overnight. A few days ago, the reporter from the world’s latest generation of air cream inventor – Australia’s first skin care brand EAORON research and development room, to explore this secret.

”In view of the skin problems caused by staying up late, many Skin Care brands have launched their own night cream. “Emergency after staying up late” has almost become synonymous with all night cream, so how does it achieve first aid after staying up late? let your face rejuvenate overnight? In response, Viktor said, “most late-night creams contain high concentrations of VC and caffeine, as well as exfoliating and quickly moisturizing the skin. These ingredients can achieve high levels of antioxidation, promote blood circulation, and have a first-aid effect on skin after staying up late.”

“However, traditional late-night creams have a common disadvantage, that is, high oil content and heavy nutrients. Although it can temporarily rescue the state of your skin, it also increases the burden on the skin, making it impossible for the skin to digest all the nutrients in the product. This is also the main reason why many people find their skin red, greasy and acne after using late-night cream for a period of time,” Viktor told reporters.

In this regard, after three years of clinical research, the EAORON R & D team quickly developed the world’s first “air feeling” night cream – Australia EOAORN Air Cream, which overcomes the weaknesses of traditional late-night cream, such as thick texture, difficult to push away, sticky face and so on. It is reported that, different from the traditional stay-up cream, EAORON air cream has the characteristics of light and thin texture, deep hydration, quick repair, high moisturizing, quick oil control and strong anti-aging. Through use, its effective ingredients can quickly fill the bottom of the muscle, automatically adjust the state of the skin, enhance its own resistance, conceal pores, and brighten and whiten delicate skin.

The reporter learned that in view of the weakness of the traditional late-night cream, EAORON revolutionized the product from the following two aspects:

First of all, in terms of ingredients, in order to make the products have more superior skin care efficacy on the basis of following the brand concept of natural, healthy and zero skin pressure, the R & D team has specially added two rare natural ingredients from the deep sea of the South Pacific: One is a black pearl that can brighten and nourish the skin, and the other is a black gold mica that can resist aging, resist blue light and invigorate the muscle bottom. Both of them have excellent skin repair effect. In addition, the team also extracted three kinds of Australian natural plant extract, such as avocado, antioxidant tea and thousand layers of golden leaves, to inject rich and permeable muscle factors into the skin, help the skin awaken the muscle floor vitality for 24 hours and drive away the injury caused by staying up late.

Secondly, in terms of technology, EAORON, as a famous Australian medical geek, has always been famous in the world for its latest skin care black technology. Aiming at the skin problems of “mature muscle” people caused by staying up late and external radiation, the R & D team of EAORON Sydney adopted the industry-pioneered “air protection” cool techs and microcapsule technology, combined with the exclusive hydrothermal technology of EAORON smear needle, to integrate the elasticity and repair efficacy into the extracted marine anti-aging energy and herbal extracts. In addition, the principle of directional slow release is used to make water replenishment and repair work carried out at the same time. The light air cream like soft sand can release water droplets as soon as it is smeared on the face, and quickly infiltrate into the depths of the muscle to effectively repair the micro-damage caused by staying up late, so that the skin can regain its visible moisture and delicacy.

It is understood that EAORON air cream with excellent stay up late repair, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, anti-blue light and other effects, to achieve a sustained hot sale in Australia, gained the love of many beauty lovers.

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