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The Rising Opportunities of Online Marketing Amid Lockdowns and Quarantines

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The Rising Opportunities of Online Marketing Amid Lockdowns and Quarantines

April 18
05:30 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic exposed the rising need for online presence for all businesses. This means it’s the perfect time for businesses to start investing in online marketing.

Los Angeles, CA – April 17, 2020 – Large scale lockdowns and social distancing around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic has led to several changes in the way businesses are done. According to the World Economic Forum, this had led to an increase in the internet use by as much as 50%.

What does this mean for businesses?

The current global situation has made one thing clear – businesses that have an established online presence, will be successful in offsetting the losses incurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. The ones who function online, like e-commerce players and other service providers, already have an edge to safeguard themselves from long-term economic impacts.

According to Marketing1on1, an online marketing specialist based out of the US, “Businesses should be aware that right now, the cost per click on pay per click campaigns have come down as entire segments like the travel industry have pulled back on paid ads. Agencies also have their top staff members freed up to help, in an industry where working from home is quite common. So it is indeed a good moment to focus on the temporary spike of greater online presence – which may indeed last for longer than people anticipate.”

Online is the way to go

Businesses that can change their model as per market demands, need to start investing in online marketing. This can be applicable for restaurants pushing for online orders and deliveries. Especially for small businesses, this move to the internet is exactly what they needed to get their business back on the feet.

The need for a strategic mindset

Online marketing solutions like paid media campaigns can be implemented very quickly. Along way this, businesses also need to ensure critical elements like SEO are in place to ensure their potential customers manage to find them and get on their website.

Exploring new trends

Now is it time to explore the opportunities in current trends and research tools to understand the latest market demands. When the economic landscape changes suddenly, seizing the opportunities in current trends can yield rapid results when an online marketing plan is in place.

Planning according to the regulatory environment

Businesses that are affected due to the emergency regulations, can see this as an opportunity to invest in their future online marketing plans. This might mean reassessing their budgets. Cutting back on marketing efforts that are skewed towards short-term results and instead working on SEO and organic search that are more focused on producing long-term results.

Staying updated

It’s the perfect time to be aware of the latest updates in search engines like Google and work with an expert digital marketing specialist that can build strategies for businesses to incorporate them.

While the times are challenging for businesses and the economy, it has made one thing clear. Online presence is now more crucial than ever and going forward, the way businesses are done will change forever.

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