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Apple Develops Holographic Iphone Screen, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s Naked-Vision Technology Is Amazing

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Apple Develops Holographic Iphone Screen, WiMi Hologram Cloud’s Naked-Vision Technology Is Amazing

April 10
02:50 2020


For decades, science fiction movies and television have positioned holograms as the ultimate imaging technology of the future. Who can forget the 1977 Star Wars: the iconic projection of R2-D2 in Episode 4 – a new hope, or what will happen when a great white shark returns to the next movie in a fictional great white shark hologram?

A revived tupak shaku added Snoop Dogg to the 2012 cochella hologram, but the relatively low-tech trick is 2D projection on one page. Perhaps the most widely used technique to simulate holography is fog projection, also known as water projection or fog projection. This method uses a high output traditional projector, which can reflect fine fog or fog instead of an opaque screen. You’ll see this technology in the Pirates of the Caribbean At Disneyland, which was used to help launch Nike’s Jordan Mello M8 shoes in 2011.

Other projection technologies, according to foreign media phone arena, are rumoured that apple is developing an ultra thin LED display screen in the company’s laboratory in Taiwan and is trying to build a naked eye holographic display screen on this basis.

It is reported that this led display is called “micro led”. Without backlight support, it can make the screen thinner and brighter, and improve the resolution. With the support of professional software and hardware, micro LED technology will enable iPhone users to view holograms with naked eyes without wearing special lenses.

It sounds very sci-fi. In 2014, ostendo, a display manufacturer in California, demonstrated the operation concept behind the holographic display with a micro LED projector.

Of course, the iPhone’s holographic screen may still be in the experimental stage, and it should not be put into the consumer market in recent years.


If we accept that there is no imminent threat from traditional electronic carriers, where will holographic AR go in the future?

As time goes by, with the world’s largest well-known holographic giant WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ:WIMI) through years of continuous original research and development, it has created the third generation of 6D optical field holographic technology products, with a simulation degree of more than 98%. The user experience can be described as amazing and impressive. The so-called 6D means that the content is produced in the way of 3D shooting outwards and 3D shooting inwards, that is, VR small ball multi lens camera shooting plus our holographic AR large ball inwards shooting. Inner 360 plus outer 360. The content produced can be used by both VR and AR.

As the latest AR holography technology has more unknown technical secrets, only in the research and development of 6D optical field holographic chip costs a lot, and various original large-scale integrated circuits and software applications have completely subverted the thinking mode of ordinary people.

Through the means of 6D holographic field technology revolution, wechat will ensure that the user experience can reach the highest simulation experience in the world, improve the naked eye visual simulation degree of virtual digital products to more than 100% of the real level, and give users the most real naked eye simulation effect. No matter in the cloud rest light field cinema or in the 6D holographic high-end family, the user’s naked eyes no longer feel the dull and false feeling of the white wall screen or the electronic screen. In another 10 or 20 years, white screen movies and color electronic screens will become history just like black and white TV. At the same time, with the continuous maturity of technology and the decrease of unit material cost, and the increasing number of participants, holographic technology is bound to develop more rapidly. The development and birth of black technology always subvert our imagination, which only gives us sensory subversive experience. Many new technologies such as total projection, AR, motion capture, etc. have brought surprises to our life invisibly Happiness. Looking back on the shock brought by the first “Avatar” work, the sequel plus the support of naked eye holography technology, will be a shocking audio-visual feast, and your virtual girlfriend’s accompanying bedroom will no longer be a dream.

This brings us a complete circle: as long as there is a healthy spirit of competition among TV manufacturers, film studios, content creators and streaming media services, TV will continue to develop rapidly in the next 10 years. With the development of science and technology, the continuous development and upgrading of holographic technology, holographic digital images will be displayed in the future. Holographic TV will never let us doubt in 2026, and will marvel at our work.

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