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Australia’s EAORON is helping with pneumonia in China, by buying protective materials at a high price and get them to the first line

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Australia’s EAORON is helping with pneumonia in China, by buying protective materials at a high price and get them to the first line

February 13
21:34 2020

To rescue Wuhan China from the pneumonia epidemic, the global brands are in action. Recently, two batches of protective materials donated to China by Australian skin care brand EAORON have been transported to the first line of the epidemic area in Hubei. The reporter learned that since the outbreak of the outbreak, as the most well-known brand of Australian skin care products in China, Australia EAORON actively mobilized its team to purchase a large number of protective materials in Australia and New Zealand, and with the help of its own supply chain team for emergency delivery to the front line, to help China fight the outbreak. 

The reporter learned that the top management of EAORON, a big brand of Australian skin care products which always regards the Chinese market as an important position, has been paying close attention to the sudden outbreak in Hubei, China. Clency Ferriere, Vice President of EAORON, told the reporter that after the outbreak, they learned through the local partners in Wuhan, a novel coronary pneumonia fever outpatient hospital in Huanggang, Hubei Province – Huanggang Maternal and Child Care Hospital, need the protective clothing used for frontline personnel protection urgently, due to the surge in the number of patients. EAORON launched the purchase immediately in Australia, and after several days of transoceanic transportation, the protective clothing was finally delivered to the medical staff on January 31. Later, when EAORON heard that the ventilator of Dawu County People’s Hospital, a designated fever outpatient hospital in Xiaogan, Hubei province, was in urgent need, EAORON immediately purchased two of the most advanced medical ventilators in Australia at a cost of nearly one million yuan and transported them to the first line.

“We have assigned personnel to be responsible for the statistics of aid information, and set up a special team to purchase and deliver aid materials for Hubei,” Clency Ferriere, Vice President of EAORON introduced. At present, supplies, including masks and protective clothing, are still flowing to Wuhan, contributing to the safety of medical staff and the treatment of diagnosed patients.

“This outbreak spread around the world, causing the price of medical supplies to rise in Australia, and the supplies are very short and difficult to collect. But when we think about the millions of fans who support us, the EAORON, in China, we have to overcome the difficulties, to rescue and protect our friends,” Clency Ferriere expressed. As an Australian skin care brand that has been in China for six years, EAORON does not want to disappoint Chinese consumers.

The reporter learned that, EAORON, known as the Australian medical beauty geek, is the inventor of the world’s first Daub-type hydro lifting essence. It gained popularity in China relying on the word of mouth of returning tourists to Australia. In 2014, EAORON entered China market formally, and now has become the most popular Australian skin care brand in China. In 2019, EAORON was not only invited by the organizing committee to attend the 2nd Shanghai Import Expo, but also featured in the CCTV news report. EAORON also invested heavily in the sponsorship of Hunan Satellite TV’s New Year Eve Party and Hunan Satellite TV’s Spring Festival Gala. EAORON has even accumulated a dedicated fan base that called themselves the “RONizen” for 6 years with its green, safe and effective brand image.

“I planned to go to Sydney for the Spring Festival this year. I also said that I would bring more EAORON skin care products from the pharmacy for my friends. However, I had to cancel the travel and purchase plan because of the sudden outbreak.” The “senior” RONizen Ms. Wang told the reporter while being interviewed, “As a loyal fan of EAORON, I have also noticed on the Internet that EAORON is collecting anti-epidemic materials for Hubei and China and is doing its best to provide assistance. These news make me, a RONizen, feel very warm.”

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