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Fatal Brew – Red Carpet Movie Premiere at The AMC Star Theatre in Southfield 25333

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Fatal Brew – Red Carpet Movie Premiere at The AMC Star Theatre in Southfield 25333

February 08
00:24 2020
The film Fatal Brew was produced by Dragon Films. The Re-carpet premier will take place 21st March 2020. A Questions and answers session will take place at 5pm and the movie will begin at 7pm.

Fatal Brew, which has been called one of the most exciting independent films of recent years is set to be showcased to the world. The premier will take place 21st March 2020 at the AMC Star Theatre in Southfield 25333.

The new film from Dragon Films is a powerful action movie that has already received rave reviews. Since news broke out that Fatal Brew was in production it has gained a huge following on social media. Fans have been able to watch the progress of the film on Facebook and see behind the scenes.

Fatal Brew was directed by Tom Henry who was also responsible for Uncut The Movie, Chase The Move, and Act of Vengeance. Tom Henry may not have had the big budget that Hollywood films have, but on screen it’s not noticeable. It has all the action of a top-rated Hollywood film with acting and stunts that make the film stand out.


When asked about Fatal Brew, Tom Henry replied: “We are so proud of Fatal Brew and we cannot wait for the premier so the press and fans can see what all the fuss has been about. It was a pleasure working with all the crew and now we are just waiting for reaction of movie buffs.”

Frank Imani Jamal CEO/Founder of Dragon Films explained more about the film.

“FATAL BREW, the third film from independent filmmaker TOM HENRY and his company DRAGON FILMS, solidifies Tom’s role as the GODFATHER of independent filmmaking in Detroit. With this action-packed movie, TOM HENRY follows the incredible successes of his first film UNCUT and his second, ACT OF VENGEANCE. Possessing a do-it-yourself mentality, TOM HENRY wrote, produced, directed, edited and filmed ALL three movies, as well as choreographed all the thrilling action scenes, relying on his nearly 45 years of experience in the martial arts to render amazing fight sequences.

In addition, TOM HENRY has served as a mentor, guide and coach to many of the actors, actresses and technicians on his three films, offering some their very first experience and exposure to the cinematic world. Many have ventured from work with DRAGON FILMS to work with other production companies in all facets of the film industry, both in front of and behind the camera, earning TOM HENRY the well-deserved title of GODFATHER. TOM HENRY has even attracted international attention from the “Bollywood” film industry of India, which sought his talents in choreographing the fight scenes for the movie “THE CHASE” (2014).

FATAL BREW takes a timely look at the energy drink craze, where, according to recent media reports, the usage of these popular over-the-counter beverages has caused an increase in strokes and heart attacks by over 500% in once healthy athletes and young adults–the prime market for the drinks. FATAL BREW shows how the immense popularity of these drinks has fueled untold riches and fame to its creators, and how some will risk everything to ensure its continued success–including deception, theft and murder.”

The media are being invited to the red-carpet premier to review the latest offering from Dragon Films. There will be a Q&A session that will take place at 5pm, and then the movie premier will take place at 7pm. The Q&A’s will allow the press to ask any questions about the making of the film, and interviews with actors of Fatal Brew can be arranged.

To learn more about Fatal Brew, and to find details of the Premier, then please visit

About Dragon Films

Tommy Henry is The CEO of DRAGON FILMS, He’s also a Director/Producer/ Writer/Action Stunt – Choreographer. Tommy has shot, directed and produced two independent action films as well as Choreographed all the action scenes. He was the stunt choreographer for the India film Chase The Movie. Tommy is now shooting his third action film “FATAL BREW” which will be premiering in the Summer of 2018, his other two action films are “UNCUT THE MOVIE” and “ACT OF VENGEANCE”.

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