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Launch of EtherCore, Smart Contract Platform with ProgPoW Algorithm

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Launch of EtherCore, Smart Contract Platform with ProgPoW Algorithm

February 06
23:55 2020

EtherCore is a multi-chain decentralized application and smart contract platform designed to enhance security, scalability and decentralization that can be used in real world. The platform offers highly distributed, fault tolerance and mission-critical network foundation for everyone. EtherCore consists of ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm, and Proof-of-Authority to solve the trilemma issue for a public blockchain platform. Users of the platform can enjoy without any limitations of network capacity.

The people working behind the company are composed of elite professionals such as influencers, serious developers, educators and Blockchain enthusiasts with a global business mindset.

Recently, EtherCore successfully launched its mainnet consensus algorithm powered by ProgPoW, a programmatic task consensus algorithm that is considered an ASIC-resistant GPU-friendly algorithm, which maintains a 14-second transaction confirmation time. “EtherCore mainnet can scale from thousands to millions of transactions per second,” said the company.

In addition, EtherCore also provide sidechain with Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm which allows average verification time of 1 second. It is expected to provide unlimited scalability without degrading network performance. “Dynamic block capacity for both mainnet and sidechain is possible which provides enough network capacity to DApp developers and users on demand” said by the company.

Multi-chain decentralized application and smart contract platform EtherCore, is designed to be resistant for any kind of third party interference, especially for combating 51% attack or denial of service transaction deployment to occupy the network or exploit any DApp transactions illegally. “Any commitment to mainnet will be secured forever from the assist of ProgPoW algorithm, and the sidechain will be able to handle any updates needed for specific kind of decentralized applications from network capacity to real time contract update,” said the company.

According to the company, EtherCore will be distributed to existing Ethereum users as an airdrop in 1:1 ratio.

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