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Nothing Is More Important than the Overall Survival of Mankind

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Nothing Is More Important than the Overall Survival of Mankind

December 03
14:05 2019

In recent years, people’s awareness of environmental protection has become stronger and stronger. The whole society is advocating energy conservation and emission reduction. The government strengthens air pollution control and calls people to green their commute. These changes in civilization show that people begin to care about the living environment of the earth, establish environmental awareness and pay attention to the future development of human society. In the past, extravagance and recklessness forced people on earth to have a sense of suffering. More people realized that human beings entered a disastrous crisis period. Overuse of natural resources, damage to the environment, overpopulation and other issues have gradually brought mankind close to the inevitable end. However, there is also a phenomenon, more terrible than environmental problems, more destructive, which can make mankind extinct faster! Under the cover of gorgeous coat, it brings peace and prosperity to human society, but with huge crisis hidden; it paralyzes the nerves of the people, blinds the eyes of the people, and will destroy mankind. What on earth is it? It is the irrational development of science and technology!

Mr. Hu Jiaqi, a famous Chinese anthropologist, began to pay attention to the fate of human beings as early as the 1970s, and he has been studying human issues for 40 years. He said that to explain the reasons why science and technology would exterminate human beings, we need to sort out the history first. Since ancient times, human beings’ sense of crisis of their own survival has always from the forces of nature or supernatural forces. Human beings’ consciousness of various survival crises has always been focused on the natural forces such as floods, fires, windstorms, droughts, earthquakes, atmosphere, ozone layer, environment, land, resources, volcanoes and asteroid impacts, and the God and Allah’s last judgment, which are superstitious supernatural forces.

However, people’s understanding has changed historically at a specific point. In 1945, the huge mushroom cloud produced by the atomic bomb and the instant destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasak made people suddenly realize that the power mobilized by human’s own wisdom and ability was far greater than that in humans’ mind in the past. The destructive nature of this power has made many natural and supernatural forces that human beings feared in the past seem less terrible by contrast. In the unseen world, it seems that human beings are going to extinction step by step. The power of extinction is not the natural and supernatural power. On the contrary, it is human beings that push themselves to the abyss of extinction.

Those who worry about it also include the most outstanding scientists and scholars. Known as the father of the atomic bomb, Einstein had been calling for this in the last few years of his life, and together with philosopher and Nobel laureate Russell, published the famous Russell–Einstein Manifesto in which they cried out, “Are we going to end the survival of mankind or the war? In Einstein’s and Russell’s view, human beings had weapons as powerful as atomic bombs. If we didn’t stop the war, our survival would be threatened. They surpassed their predecessors because they realized that if human beings didn’t not rationally stop some of their actions, it would be human beings who become extinct. Compared with the previous extinction view of natural and supernatural forces, the view of Einstein and Russell represents progress. However, these two respectable scholars only attributed the root of the termination of humans’ existence to “war”.

Einstein and Russell didn’t expect that the rapid development of science and technology would brought mankind into a more uncontrollable and terrible extinction. The possible human destruction caused by biotoxin modified by genetic technology can’t even be unmatched by nuclear weapons. A teenage computer genius can attack the database of the United States Department of Defense, or make computer virus that can paralyze millions of computers. Scientists are still developing nanorobots. If this robot is successfully developed, its infinite replication is likely to have the power to exterminate the whole human race. If the technology of “cloning” is further developed, it will be able to replicate itself.

In a word, with the further research and development of many technologies, the results created are likely to produce the means of extermination, at least the means of great destruction. Moreover, only a few people, or even one person alone, can manufacture and operate these means.

If the explosion of the atomic bomb warns people that if human beings do not control some of their actions, it will surely cause the extinction of human beings by war. At present, only 70 years after the atomic bomb explosion, the development of science and technology has shocked us and further influenced our understanding. It makes us realize that not only war can lead to the extinction of human beings, but also crime can lead to the extinction of human beings. Even the careless operation of scientists in experiments and the careless use of scientific and technological products may lead to human beings’ extinction.

In fact, the danger of extinction caused by war is far less than that caused by crimes and accidental disasters in scientific experiments and the use of scientific and technological products. War is a group action. Its purpose is to kill the enemy and preserve themselves. Both sides of the war can destroy each other, but generally they will not destroy themselves. Therefore, there is bound to be room when killing means are used. But the criminal motivation of many psychopaths is to destroy human beings. The killing means they want to use are the extreme means with the largest killing scale, the cruelest killing way and the strongest shocking force. Therefore, they will and dare to use any extreme means they can obtain, including the means of extinction.

At the same time, the accidental disaster in scientific experiments and the use of scientific and technological products is also a crisis that can never be ignored. Due to the uncertainty of science and technology, in the future of highly developed science and technology, the means of scientific experiments have become extremely advanced, and the research subjects scientists are engaged in are also extremely challenging. While mobilizing one kind of natural force, there is a possibility that another kind of more powerful destructive force is inadvertently mobilized. Similarly, with the development of science and technology, all kinds of scientific and technological products will become more complex and more difficult to judge. If they are not used properly, their destructive power will inevitably become greater. When these unintentional natural forces and more powerful destructive forces have the power to exterminate human beings, the fate of human beings will come to an end. 

All of the above viewpoints come from the research results of Mr. Hu Jiaqi, a famous Chinese anthropologist. He has spent 40 years on the research and argumentation. Based on the analysis of historical events in various periods, and through various methods, he has concluded the same conclusion: as long as the irrational development of science and technology is not stopped, the self-extinction of human beings is inevitable, and it is not far ahead. It will occur in several hundred or even sooner. Considering only the threat of external forces to human beings, the natural extinction of human beings is calculated in billions of years. Therefore, the real survival crisis of human beings is “suicide” rather than “homicide”.

We have no time to delay! What makes Mr. Hu Jiaqi worried is that most people in the world have not realized the seriousness of the problem and are still in a state of numbness. They think that science is always good. They only know to enjoy and allow the development of scientific and technological achievements without thinking about how to effectively control and avoid the survival crisis brought by its negative effects.

In order to wake up people’s sense of crisis, Hu Jiaqi has been unremittingly go around crying for help for 40 years, but his warning voice can be heard by the indifferent public. Too many people don’t understand and don’t want to understand, so too many people don’t approve. This makes Hu Jiaqi have a deep sense of powerlessness. He feels that his personal power is too small. He must act immediately, mobilize the collective power, let more people understand and accept his theoretical point of view, and actively participate in the action of saving human beings, because nothing is more important than the overall survival of human beings!

On November 1, 2019, the Save Human Action Organization (SHAO), a non-governmental international organization registered in the United States, has been officially established by Hu Jiaqi. According to the organization, the uncontrolled development of science and technology will soon wipe out human beings, so the world must be unified to strictly restrict the development of science and technology. If the existing safe and mature science and technology is widely spread in the world, there will be enough food and clothes supply for all human beings. Human beings can’t be too greedy. If they ask from science and technology endlessly, they will be punished. Human beings must wake up as a whole!


The purpose of the organization is to promote a movement of awakening for all mankind in a peaceful way, so that all mankind generally realize that the continuous development of science and technology will soon exterminate mankind. Only by realizing the great unity of mankind, adopting the power of the world regime and firmly limiting the development of science and technology can we save mankind from extinction. Also the organization want to make all mankind realize that the grand unified society is a society suitable for bringing universal happiness to all mankind. This is because the social form of grand unification is particularly suitable for building human society into a peaceful, friendly, equally rich and non-competitive society in which people’s general well-being is the strongest.

The action of saving human beings is not only about our own destiny, but also about our future generations and the reproduction of the whole human race. We should concern ourselves with the cause of saving mankind just like we care about environmental pollution even more eager, because it is very urgent. The threat of disordered development of science and technology, possibly destroying mankind in just few hundred years, is far more terrible than that of environmental problems.

Hu Jiaqi and his SHAO are making unremitting efforts to save all mankind!

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