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The Family of Jeanjaquet and the Best Neuchatel Clock

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The Family of Jeanjaquet and the Best Neuchatel Clock

November 08
18:45 2019

The Family of Frédéric Jeanjaquet

In 1823, Louis Frédéric Jeanjaquet was born in the big family Jeanjaquet in Couvet. His father is David – Frédéric Jeanjaquet, a top carpenter. His mother is Susanne-Henriette nee Perrin.

Under the influence of his family elder Pierre-Auguste Borel, he started learning pendulum technology of ancient clocks and took serious interest in machinery. It turns out that he found what he really wanted in his life and the field that he as talented for.

In 1861, Eugene Frédéric Jeanjaquet, the 8th son of Louis Frédéric Jeanjaquet was born. Eugene was honored the last pendulum master of JeanJaquet dynasty.

The family was devoted to studying ancient lock manufacturing process unanimously. Members of the family were skilled and rigorous and utilized mechanical principles proficiently. Soon, royal noblemen came to buy their products one after another, and fell in love with the clocks.

Thanks to the joint efforts of the three generations, JeanJaquet, founded in 1825 at Neuchatel was no longer restrained in Switzerland but set its foot to France.

Captain Pocket Watch Shining in Geneva and the Best Neuchatel Clock

The most notable thing of JEANJAQUET dynasty is the legendary pocket watch “Captain” made by Charles Jeanjaquet in 1850 at Geneva.

At that time, Jeanjaquet has developed double-time zone pocket watches, and this pocket watch series is called Captain. The pocket watches are named Captain to let people on voyage know the local time of their hometown and never forget it when they are away from home for several weeks, even several months and in different countries.

The watch has a 18 k gold shell that bears the artificial carving of George Washington; 8 jewel escapements in bearing cylinder shape; white glassy surface; Roman numbers; 6-position second reading in-house movements; blue iris pointer sets; embossed letters on the clock and 39 mm perfect shell proportion.

When Eugene Frédéric Jeanjaquet, the last pendulum master of JeanJaquet dynasty, forged the best Neuchatel clock “montagnardes”, the whole family joined him. Using the most precious timer to build the wooden clock body, David – Frédéric Jeanjaquet, the top carpenter that had been famous for a long time, shaped the clock in person.

All the enamel decorations on the clock were completed by Borel ladies. Emma, daughter of Eugene, took charge of the sophisticated painting and gold plating work.

Jeanjaquet’s upholding of the perfect watch manufacturing concept makes people in deep fond of it feel touched all the time. Such creative and unique design opens another chapter of chronometer design.

Prosperity of Frédéric Jeanjaquet

Since the establishment of JeanJaquet Brand in 1825, David – Frédéric Jeanjaquet, Louis Frédéric Jeanjaquet and Eugene Frédéric Jeanjaquet of the three generations, founded their clock manufacturing centers in Les Locle, Les Bayards and Fleurier, respectively.

Les Locle mainly focuses on producing big clocks; Les Bayards pays more attention to producing pocket watches and Fleurier, known as montagnardes, the place of origin of the best Neuchatel clocks.

Selfless efforts throughout generations of the family enabled Jeanjaquet to become one of the three top brands of Switzerland in the age of Nepoleon. These three brands brought a huge revolution to the watch world.

Jeanjaquet, Breguet and Louis moinet, the three brands in the age of Nepoleon not only manufactured top quality watches, but also invented timer and flying tourbillon, and improved astronomical observation, pendule, alarm clock and astronomical watches and changed the world of clock.

• In 1879, Jeanjaquet chronometer was highly praised in large international exhibitions.

• In 1881, its special clock design won the silver medal in Switzerland La-Chaux-de-Fonds International Workspace Exhibition.

• In 1900, it won the golden medal in a contest in Paris.

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